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ALTER-Net: A Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network

Europe’s ecosystem research network


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Welcome to ALTER-Net


With partners in 18 countries, ALTER-Net scientists are:

integrating European research capacity | assessing changes to biodiversity | analyzing ecosystem services | informing policymakers and the public on key ecological issues

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What's new at ALTER-Net:

AHIA Publication in Socio-Ecological Practice Research Journal


"Marrying One Health with EcoHealth: Inclusive Nature-Based Solutions and Action Research Directions", the second AHIA project (led by Timo Assmuth and featuring researchers from SYKE, NINA, JHI, and INBO), founded collaborative networks between ecologists, veterinarians, human health specialists, and social scientists. This flagship AHIA project has already yielded a major impact, including numerous papers, workshops, project collaborations, interactions with policy and practice, and an excerpt featured in Nature.

Now, Assmuth and company are pleased to announce the publication of the latest paper to stem from this project, entitled "Integrative concepts and practices of health in transdisciplinary social ecology."

Published in the journal of Socio-Ecological Practice Research, this article explores "the interdependencies of the health of humans, other organisms and ecosystems, and of their importance to socio-ecological systems" and considers the evolution and adaptation of integrative concepts such as One Health and EcoHealth as they are applied in this intedependent socio-ecological context. You can now read this high-impact paper on Springer Link.


Global Sustainable Development Report 2019 | NINA Background Report on Biodiversity and Health

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During recent years, novel research has shown the wide spectrum of connections between biodiversity and human health: from mental to physical health, from microbial to the landscape level, from rural to urban contexts, from children and young adults throughout their lifespan into old age, and from individuals to groups of people – indeed, to humanity as a whole.

Recognized as a broad and well established research network with high-quality, societally relevant biodiversity research, ALTER-Net was invited by the UN Independent Group of Scientists to produce a Global Sustainable Development (SDG) background report on the state of the art on biodiversity-human health relationships. This report was spearheaded by NINA, the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research.

This background report discusses the direct and indirect linkages and focuses the scattered knowledge through concrete cases where the biodiversity-health link has shown its power.


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We are Europe's ecosystem research network.

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Look back on the 2019 ALTER-Net EKLIPSE Conference

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In June of 2019, global experts convened in Ghent, Belgium to discuss the role of scientific research in shaping the post-2020 European Biodiversity Strategy. This forward-looking conference was jointly hosted by ALTER-Net and EKLIPSE.

➢Engage with the Key Messages



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A network for life.

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Biodiversity is at the heart of ecosystem health and functioning--which, in turn, provides the foundation for human flourishing. ALTER-Net brings together international natural and social science researchers to integrate our understanding of biodiversity, ecosystems, and the services they provide to society and to create a platform for meaningful communication with policy-makers and the public.

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